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Posted 1 month ago

31-year-old TMI group is a pioneer and national talent acquisition and talent development player. Now TMI is relaunching the group as TMI 2.0, focusing on People Performance Consulting and Solutions (PMS).

The front end of this practice is People Performance Analytics and Modelling (PPAM)

TMI published its first set of two research reports (synopses enclosed) based on an actual case study.


TMI group is setting up a start-up team for this PPAM practice headed by Founder chairman T Muralidharan ( and is looking for a young consultant to join and head the existing team – with the following qualities:

  • Should have a consultative mindset viz asking the right questions and looking for the answers
  • Should be very good in data and statistical analyses
  • Should have exposure and be keen to be a master in Power BI and similar analytic tools
  • Should have a creative mind with strong visualization skills
  • Should be an avid reader on the internet and have excellent writing skills in English
  • Should have a continuous improvement mindset
  • Should be collaborative
  • Should be driven by mastery and not by money


  • Graduation in engineering or maths or science
  • MBA -General Management or HR


Minimum 2 years’ experience in management or HR Consulting is a must


  • To head the people performance practice for TMI clients
  • To build the practice to a large No 1 status in India in the next three years
  • To be a people performance consultant for TMI Group

Note: Only people interested in a career in people consulting, analytics, and modeling need to apply

Apprentices – students in campuses completing in 2024 interested in people performance consulting can apply for apprentice roles. Please clearly mention this while applying.

Assessment process

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to submit and present one research report created by them to demonstrate their analytical and report-writing skills.

Synopses of the first research study by PPAM practice

Our research in BFSI and the Service industry reveal that more than 60% of the workforce in any organization is FLEM Workforce. These are foot soldiers who deliver and work in repetitive roles in sales, customer service, retail, and operations. The FLEM workforce is of four types – On Roll, Outsourced Rolls (temp staffing), and Off-Rolls (work with partners like sales distributors,) and Gig workers

Authors start with a huge claim – our Performance Management System (PMS) for Front Line Executives and Managers (FLEM workforce) which most employers use to measure, reward and counsel the workforce on performance, has failed miserably and is outdated.

How do we know that? Two data points – high infant attrition, and low average productivity are well known. But a third new data point nail’s this  – the multiple of performance achievement between the top and bottom band performers in any cohort, in the same role, in the same company, with the same vintage, at the same time, is in excess of 10X.

In one real-life case study conducted  in 2022 on a  cohort of 3200 FLEM sales force across India for one of India’s largest Non-Banking Financial Companies ( NBFC), conducted by authors the following were discovered

  • 60% of the FLEM workforce delivered 13 % of the cohort output, measured over an extended period
  • Despite this anomaly, surprisingly performers’ attrition was far lower than non-performers attrition
  • Performance measured on “calendar- months “showed a different performance picture than performance on “residency – months”.

Authors’ studies with six companies confirm that the variation of performance within similar FLEM cohorts is high and the purpose of Performance consulting is to reduce this performance gap. This research paper proposes an alternative People Performance Management system (PPMS) that uses a more diversified measurement of outcome plus output and a framework that is data derived.

The authors recommend a new approach to Accelerate People Performance of FLEM employees through two new data-centric models.

  • A new model for People Performance Measurement and Analytics
  • Role modeling for role mastery.

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