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Entry level jobs in IT Industry

Systems Integration Trainee is an individual whose job is to ensure that both hardware and software (readymade software, customised application software) when combined work well together, or in techie language ‘talk to each other’


The IT industry will create a variety of technical and non-technical jobs like HR, business development, sales, finance and accounting. The non-technical jobs are covered earlier in various departmental jobs, in previous articles. The IT industry also employs a lot of functional specialists who have various industry domains but most of these jobs require work experience.

Now let’s look at the most popular technical jobs in IT industry

Systems Integration
There are various software applications which run on multiple hardware—servers, PCs, and laptops—present in an organization that have to be linked to create a single working system. This process of integrating various sub-systems into one working system is called systems integration.

Database Administration
Ultimately, at the end of every computer program, data has to be stored in a way that it is easily retrievable and secured so that only authorized people can look at the data. For example, all the emails are backed up for future reference in a database. Database administration can be referred to as a set of activities performed to manage the storage, retrieval, security of all the data of the company, scientifically.

IT Audit
This department audits and verifies whether all the internal computer users are following the various processes and procedures set up. In addition, this department is responsible for cyber security—ensuring unauthorized users are not entering through the web.

Software Development
Software is nothing but a set of instructions/programs that are understood by machines. Software development refers to identification of what software is needed, what the specifications are, how the program has to be implemented, how the codes have to be written, how the developed software has to be tested and maintained, and so on. These jobs are performed by Software Developers, Software Testing Engineers, and Systems Designers.

IT Infrastructure Management
The IT infrastructure like PCs, servers, ATM machines need to be managed, often remotely from a central location. The technicians who manage this are Remote Infrastructure Engineers.

Before moving on to the entry-level job roles, let us look at the brief profile of a great achiever in this industry.

The Systems Integration Trainee is an individual whose job it is to ensure that both hardware and software (readymade software, customized application software) when combined work well together (or in techie language ‘talk to each other’) and create a single system that works seamlessly.

Let us understand the systems integration function before understanding this role. Take a railway reservation application as an example. Let us assume that you are booking a railway ticket from a reservation counter. The computer terminal of the Booking Clerk is networked with other terminals as a network with a server in the reservation centre. This server is connected to other servers such as database servers, application servers through another network. There are multiple softwares running—the operating system, the network software, the DB software, the application software, cyber security systems software. Each of these hardware and software components are created by different companies and work differently.

So systems integration is a function that combines all these components to execute the railway reservation system and ensures that it works all the time. It is a very complex job because it must align with individual components so that the overall performance of the application is optimized and hence broad knowledge of both, the individual components and the overall application, is essential. If there is a problem, like if the terminal hangs, then the Systems Integration Team has to figure out what the problem is and fix it quickly.

The systems integration job is to also learn about every new version of the component. For example, if the operating system version changes, then it will impact the other components. So the Systems Integration Specialist has to realign all the components to ensure the overall performance.

One more easy way to understand the systems integration role is to compare it with a general physician (GP, usually an MBBS doctor) whom you visit when you are not well. The GP is a systems integration expert because he knows every part of the body—lungs, liver, kidneys, heart, and so on. He knows how to recommend and analyse diagnostic reports. His job is to find out where the problem is, and then he often recommends you to a specialist.

Similarly a Systems Integration Specialist has a broad knowledge of everything he uses, to figure out where the problem is and tries to fix it with the help of experts. The systems integration role includes integrating and supporting the various systems/components like computers, communication, data, and security.

As a Systems Integration Trainee you will be part of the Systems Integration Team. You will be required to troubleshoot regularly and acquire expertise in your area of work.

Typical Responsibilities
Your role is extremely critical and crucial. As a Systems Integration Trainee, you need to spend a lot of time understanding the various business processes, IT sub-systems, what are the various tools available for integration, and so on. Your daily activities will include the following:

  • Working with various departments within an organization to determine their new system needs and problems with their existing systems.
  • Analyse current systems for efficiency.
  • Decide on modifications to be made to improve the efficiency of current systems.
  • Write and submit reports regarding changes to be carried out.
  • Design, develop and test new cost-effective systems.
  • Conducting research on new technologies and new products.
  • Develop and design automated testing tools.

Author: T. Muralidharan
Name of publication: Telangana Today
Date published on: 16/07/2018
published in: Hyderabad
Tags: Jobs and Careers

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