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Entry level jobs in logistics sector

Entry – Level Job Roles

Log 1 Courier Executive

Job Description
Courier Executives are generally employed by courier companies to pick-up and deliver messages, parcels, and so on at the customer’s doorstep within stipulated timelines. They follow a route plan to deliver or pick-up the packages, figure out the correct address, reach the place, pick-up/deliver and complete the required documentation. Though this job is done by non-graduates too, many graduates start their career in this industry in this role but quickly move up the ladder to supervisory levels. The courier industry believes in the dignity of labour and so many top industry professionals started their career in this role.

Typical Responsibilities
The role of a Courier Executive involves a lot of travel within the city and in the case of Air-Travel Couriers, a lot of outstation travel. You will first need to reach the main office and collect the parcels/ couriers to be delivered and start going to places as per the schedule and location allotted to you.

Your activities include the following

  1. Collecting packages that need to be delivered from the office.
  2. Taking from a roster, the customer addresses and contact details.
  3. Seeing that the packages are placed properly in the delivery vehicles.
  4. Keeping packages safely so that they don’t get damaged.
  5. Calling customers in case there is any confusion regarding addresses.
  6. Delivering the package.
  7. Completing the delivery documentation.
  8. Submitting the sheet at the office by the end of the day.

In case of a pick-up, the process is the reverse. The packages are picked up, weighed, packed as per the company procedures, the required documentation completed, and the package is finally delivered to the designated office for onward transportation.

Log 2 Transport Logistics Executive

Job Description
Imagine a courier company which picks up parcels from one place (in one city) and delivers them to another place (in another city). Typically, there may be hundreds of pick-up sites and drop sites. All these pick-ups must be completed within a specified time-frame, brought to a common place and sorted based on the destination cities, and then shipped to those destinations. Again, at those destinations, all parcels are received at a common place. They are sorted based on drop destinations and then dispatched. Many vehicles are involved in the process. Inter-city shipments may happen through air, road, or rail.

Irrespective of which mode you use, the parcel must reach the right destination on time, without damage, at the lowest cost.

The Transport Logistics Executive has the required skills to manage, coordinate, and direct transportation activities within the organization. She/he is responsible for managing schedules and routes, managing budgets, the workforce of drivers, and also providing training to them. Transport Logistics Executives are employed mostly by courier/parcel companies, transportation companies, manufacturing companies, and e-commerce companies.

Typical Responsibilities:

  1. Ensuring the billing is done as per company policies.
  2. Supervising the team to ensure proper distribution of work to ensure that all deadlines are met.
  3. Understanding the company’s transport policies and adhering to them.
  4. Communicating work schedules to drivers.
  5. Managing budgets and costs.
  6. Planning and scheduling routes.
  7. Monitoring vehicle movement and solving the Delivery Team’s problems.
  8. Scheduling vehicle maintenance.
  9. Maintaining necessary records about employees, vehicles, drivers, routes, and so on.
  10. Coordinating and communicating with other internal departments to prioritize tasks.
  11. Managing the safety of employees, parcels, and other items.
  12. Handling customer complaints on non-delivery or damaged delivery.

Log 3 Warehousing Executive

Job Description
To understand this role, you need to understand how a consumer goods company ensures that the supermarket closest to your house always stocks the brand of toothpaste that you regularly buy. The supermarket (called the dealer) orders and receives the toothpaste not from the company’s factory, but from the nearest stocking point or warehouse. The Warehouse Executive’s job is to ensure that his warehouse never runs out of the popular toothpaste brand that your dealer orders. He does this by placing orders and receiving stocks from the company’s manufacturing plant or stock point, in time.

A Warehouse Executive is someone who is responsible for assisting the Warehousing Manager in a wide range of warehousing duties/ activities.

Typical Responsibilities:

  1. Placing orders for supplies.
  2. Ensuring that the warehouse is stocked with required goods/ material in a scientific and safe manner.
  3. Examining and inspecting the items for any defects or breakages and update the Manager regarding the same.
  4. Keeping the warehouse clean and organized.
  5. Maintaining a record of all activities taking place in the warehouse at all times.
  6. Keeping a record of inventory.
  7. Conducting a quality check of products before dispatch.
  8. Preparing despatch documentation.

Author: T. Muralidharan
Name of publication: Telangana Today
Date published on: 20/08/2018
published in: Hyderabad
Tags: Jobs and Careers

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