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All about campus recruitment

Concept of campus recruitment came to light in 1980s when companies went to engineering colleges to recruit trainees companies

Why do companies recruit from campuses? The answer is simple. You get fresh talent in large numbers, at an affordable salary and at a low hiring cost.

Let’s understand this one by one. Talent from campuses mean the candidates are enthusiastic, energetic and are very keen to succeed in life. They have no pre-conceived notions about work and the employer, and hence, can be moulded to the job role and organisation.

Let’s take the example of IT companies. These companies hire non-computer science graduates & engineers and train them. This helps the candidates to ‘unlearn’ their old process & habits and make them ready to learn the new processes of the company to join.

India has over 18,000 B.A/ B.Sc/ B.Com colleges and approximately 3,600 engineering colleges, and over 2.5 million graduates pass out every year from these colleges. Over 10 million students study in these campuses. And all of these campuses conduct their exams in March/April and announce the results in April/May. Nowhere in the world, except for China, can an employer find so many educated young people lined up for jobs.

Campus students are available at a very competitive salary because they are fresh out of campus without any prior work experience. If a company can hire exceptionally smart graduates by going to the ‘right’ campus, they can get these hires at a lesser cost of hire than the market price. Lastly, the recruitment cost is very low because the companies hire in bulk and the colleges (except IIMs and IITs) do not charge any fees from the employers. So campus hiring makes a lot of sense, if they are hiring large numbers and have a bigger training plan and budget.

When do employers hire from campuses?

Even though the students will join between May and July every year, the hiring and selections are planned and done much before. MBA colleges have their placement season from September onwards during in the second year. Engineering colleges have their placement season starting from the Seventh Semester. Other Graduate Colleges (B.A/B.Sc/B.Com) have their placement season in January during the sixth semester. Though the above is only a guideline, there are likely to be exceptions.

What are campus recruitments?

Recruiting fresh talent from college campuses, be it from graduate campuses, MBA campuses, engineering campuses, etc., is called campus recruitment.

This concept came to light in the 1980s when companies went to engineering colleges to recruit engineering trainees and management trainees from only premier institutes/colleges of the country. The main reason was to catch the best talent at their source. Some companies (example, IT/ITeS) hire candidates in bulk, keeping in mind the size of the project/company. They need candidates who can work for longer hours with enthusiasm and zeal. So the best way to hire in bulk is through campus recruitments, as students come with fresh minds and there is a curiosity to learn and desire to prove their talent.

Therefore, for entry-level positions, companies, identify where talented students who are in their final year of graduation/MBA, shortlist and assess in the campus itself. For a student, like you, there is a huge advantage in terms of not having to worry about applying for various companies and carry the tension of getting an interview call for a job

Process of campus recruitment

Companies select and shortlist campuses that have a fairly good reputation in the city where they are present. The theory behind this is the number of talented students is likely to be high in these campuses. Once a campus is selected, they approach the management to take their consent. They conduct pre- placement talks for the students on what are the opportunities they have with the company, their likely growth, the savings, the benefits they would get by joining the company.

Various rounds of assessments are usually conducted – Aptitude test, Written examinations and/ or group discussions. Based on how the performance in these tests, candidates will be called for a technical interview by a subject matter expert. On your performance in the technical interview, the final interview with the HR will be held. The HR round will usually confirm the salary, work timings and gauge the seriousness in joining & staying with the company. After the final interviews are done, a final list of selected candidates is sent to the college and the same is communicated to the students.


Like mentioned earlier, getting the right candidate at the source is critical for the company to retain the candidate for as long as possible. For the candidate, he is relieved of the tension of getting a decent job in a very competitive market and it is the best time to learn how a corporate functions and what you need to grow in the fierce career environment.

Author: T Muralidharan
Name of publication: Telangana Today
Date published on: 05/11/2018
published in: Hyderabad
Tags: Employability

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