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Plan smart, get strategic

Tips fresh graduates need to remember while looking for their first job.


About 2.5 million students graduate every year, of which only 10 per cent to 20 per cent are placed through the campus. The balance 80 per cent join the job market which is already saturated. If you take a look at data, you will find that about 12 million graduates are looking for a job at any point in time. And when you look for the word “jobs” in Google, 2.27 billion results are displayed. So how do you make a sound decision and zero in on the one which is right for you? While your career hinges on a job profile that fits you like a glove, it’s never too late to change industries.Choose one that matches your personality Just as every person has a different personality, every job role has a certain work environment. When looking or applying for a job, ensure you choose the one that matches your personality type. Choose the industry wisely If you want to get the right first job to kick-start your career, you need to be in an industry that is perfect for you. I would suggest not to apply only to big companies. Apply to smaller companies where your chances are much better.

Join as an executive It is better to be an executive rather than a manager because you do not know the industry, the company or the job profile. If you join as an executive, expectations from you as an employee are lower. Don’t get intimidated by big cities Most successful CEOs in India started their careers in Mumbai or Delhi for non-IT sectors and Bangalore for IT. Keep that in mind. College alumni can help Your seniors from college can help you in landing your right first job because of the “referral” programme. Stay in constant touch with them. Networking has multiple benefits.

Work with specialised recruitment consultants Look specifically for fresher recruitment consultants and not just any recruitment consultant. Search online Google search, job board search and company website search can help you identify suitable vacancies. Some lessser known but top 10 job boards are www.jobstreet.co.in, www.careerjet.com and www.placementindia.com. Use job alerts to get information as soon as it is posted on the job board and use salary information for negotiating a better deal.

Your resume has only 10 seconds to make an impression Cut and pasted resumes get rejected the fastest. Your resume can be two pages provided all the information given in it is relevant and accurate. Tread carefully in a written test Guesswork when there is negative marking is a disaster. Relative scoring is done so don’t panic if the paper is tough.

Don’t pretend in an interview You have only the first few minutes to make the right first impression. During the interview, it is absolutely fine to say “I don’t know” if you do not know the answer to a particular question. Reassure the interviewer that you will research or speak to someone to find out the correct answer.

Author: T. Muralidharan
Name of publication: India Today
Date published on: 01/08/2015
published in: All India
Tags: Employability

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