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The attributes an MNC seeks in a person

Competency, confidence and humility may help one score in an interview.

It is important to understand the attributes an MNC seeks in a person before hiring. If you notice their compensation bracket is in top quality percentile, by default they have the best talent because they pay well.

The definition of best talent is divided into two parts-first, one should attain the competencies and skills for the role and should be able to demonstrate them appropriately, second, one should have a minimal level of soft skills which includes written skills, communicative skills and confidence.

The point is that they work globally and will not compromise on one location. Therefore, once the policies are written they will not compromise on them but they don’t mind increasing the cost spent on hiring a person.

Therefore, an employee from any part of the world should be the same in terms of minimal competency which is the reason why they set standards for hiring. Soft skills are the most important criteria evaluated during selection and includes several components. First, presenting a personality with a high self esteem and confidence.

Second, responding in a logical and analytical manner is something an MNC appreciates. Third, employers appreciate honest answers and would never mind if a candidate does not know the answer. An honest reply would solve the problem. Fourth, always be confident yet humble. It shows that one would be able to mix and work well with a team.

Lastly, if you mention something you are passionate about they will always expect you to be knowledgeable on the subject. Thus, they may inquire about details on that subject and expect you to know more about it.

After getting your soft skills right, one may also work on their cirricullum vitae (CV). A CV should represent you and be your ambassador. A thorough knowledge about the company and latest updates on it should be on your finger tips. Refer to newspapers, and check for any latest accomplishment achieved by the company.

When you reach the interview stage, always be sure to reach five minutes before the scheduled time to avoid any kind of delay or rush. A rush may cause anxiety and bother you during the interview. More often than not you will be asked to wait. Make sure to utilise that time wisely. Read more about the company, it will help you remain focussed.

In the final part of the interview, you are allowed to ask questions. Be sure that you ask questions about the work environment and how can you strive to perform your best. You may ask them questions regarding your role in the company and what they expect from you on the first day.

The most critical aspect is nonverbal communication during the interview. Maintain the right postures and do not express any kind of aggressiveness within your nature. If such a situation arises, try diverting your mind about positive aspects and do not react in any negative manner.

Management graduates coming from Tier-II and Tier-III cities and towns must demonstrate commitment towards the job and display their aspiration. Preparation prior to the interview- goes without saying-is an important success factor.

Author: T. Muralidharan
Name of publication: India Today
Date published on: 01/05/2012
published in: All India
Tags: Employability

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