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Choose your branch carefully

How to decide on the right stream for you?

The only state of mind, most of the students are in at this crossroad in their lives, is CONFUSED! During the counselling sessions the most frequently asked question is – which branch do I need to take? Very often there will be two choices:

1. College A is a top rank college but there you are getting very low-level branch, let’s say civil engineering or metallurgy

2. The other choice is college B which is low rank, but you are getting high level branch like mechanical engineering

Now, the question what I should take, is on the mind of most of the students and parents.

My answer is, when you are deciding a branch, first eliminate the branch which you don’t want to do. Select that one that is easiest to do because there is direct co-relation between subjects you don’t do well and the branches, for example if you are bad in mathematics and suppose you take MPC. Math is highly important in electronic and communication and it is also important to some extent in metallurgy. There will be equations etc. So, if you are very weak in Math, avoid electronic and communication and metallurgy /aeronautical.

Similarly, if you are very weak in physics, Physics is very critical in electronics and communication, aerodynamics, aeronautical and to some extent in mechanical engineering as well.

If you are poor in Chemistry, avoid biochemistry and chemical engineering.

So, first depending on what subject you are weak in, please avoid those subjects and branches because they are heavily depended on certain subjects and therefore if you do not enjoy studying them, 4 years are going to be very difficult.

Second is, if these branches are not eliminated then for remaining branches, is there any difference in branch A and branch B? In my mind, No – it won’t make any difference. Everybody does a post-graduation. Now, branch matters if you do anything in higher education. Suppose if you do MBA, which most of the people do, then branch doesn’t matter. Even in the job and Entrepreneurship, branch doesn’t matter unless it is a technical job. For example, you are a production guy, or an R&D guy or designing guy you should be in the same branch. But people do all kinds of job for example I am a chemical engineer and doing HR services!

So, the remaining branches doesn’t make any difference if you want to do post-graduation. But if you want to do post graduation to be a PHD then choose your branch very carefully.

So, in summary,

Rule no 1: decide if want to do PHD / be in academics, then choose you branch very carefully. The remaining branches find out which branch you like, select that branch and stay with that branch.

Rule no 2: suppose you are planning to do MBA – select any branch but go the best college

Rule no 3: If you are not planning to do higher education and planning for a job then eliminate some of the branches and consider remaining branches – take the one which has the highest job potential. Focus only on the job potential – like in Mechanical engineering and civil engineering, job potential is better compared to chemical and metallurgy. Specializations are all difficult to get a job. If you want to stop at an undergraduate level, select mechanical or civil.

Now comes how important college is and why it is important?

College brand makes a huge difference in the placement time. There are many companies that go to only some campuses. So, if the brand is very good, your chance of getting placement is much higher.

Secondly, equally important, if the brand is good, smart guys join the same college. So, if you study in the college where smart guys are there you will become smart. So, it is better go for a higher quality college and forget about the branch.

It is always important to go to better college as long as you don’t take a branch which you cannot succeed in. There is no point in going to IIT and failing all the subjects and taking 8 years to finish. It’s always better chose easy branch which I can finish well.

Author: T. Muralidharan
Name of publication: Telangana Today
Date published on:
published in: Hyderabad
Tags: Employability

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