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Engage more in groups

How and why to study in groups?

Successful teams work on the concept of high performance teams. According to Wikipedia, an organization development concept, high performance teams are people with high focus on their goals. Such teams achieve exceptional business results and outperform other teams and their own expectations given their demographics. Such teams have talents which are complimentary to each other, they are highly aligned and committed to the organizational/team objective. High levels of mutual trust and a strong sense of accountability for achieving goals are other highlights of members of High Performance Teams.


Example, the Indian Cricket Teams – Women and Men. Apart from the 15 Member teams, they have an entourage of the support team – Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Bowling Coach, Fielding Coach, Physio, Trainer, Assistant Trainer. Do you think if the members of these teams do not have complete trust in each other, or accountability for the win or loss or the mistakes made on the field, they can be world Champions? No, right? Cricket is a Team sport, but even in an individual sport like Tennis, you still have a team behind you who make sure you are in best form with the best technique, the best nutrition to compete at the highest levels. The coaching team has a head coach, a physiotherapist and a fitness trainer.

The idea is to extend the concept of high performance teams at the workplace and in sport to the college.

  1. One of the ground rules of the high-performance teams is sharing the load. One person cannot carry the load – when multiple people share the load it becomes very easy.
  2. Second is that one person cannot be good in every subject – If you are good at some subject and you have an opportunity to explain your favourite subject, you will like to research more, read up more and explain it better to your friends. This comes naturally to you because you really like the subject.
  3. Learn by teaching – the third is when you read, prepare and teach, your own learning improves by leaps and bounds.

If you get a group like that, automatically learning becomes far better. It is clearly established by all learning theory that in peer teaching you observe better. Suppose I teach you as a lecturer, you learn something but suppose I am a peer group member, a friend of you if I explained you in simpler terms you will understand better. People learn better from friends than outsiders.

The last reason is also when a group is studying some people get motivated looking at each other. Also, when we study alone we feel depressed. If you dislike the subject, you will not be able to understand, and chances are that you will give up. While studying in groups, if you feel depressed, friends motivate each other like is the case in high performance groups. They help each other, motivate each other and divide responsibility.

So, apart from the learning in the classroom, students should get together, create high-performance teams and play to each other’s strengths.

Author: T. Muralidharan
Name of publication: Telangana Today
Date published on: 29/01/2018
published in: Hyderabad
Tags: Employability

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