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You must write your own resume

Why you should write your own Resume?

Now we are in the month of December and January every single student in colleges writing and preparing for interview for jobs and one of the most important things to understand the role of resume and why you should write a resume yourself. Of course we also recognise that now a days online form have come , online forms are more structured so to my mind resume writing or online form writing is also a specialised area now first start with you tell the strength to the interview or any in online or any campus hiring process consists of two or three stages


First stage is to short list somebody

Second stage is to put down some assessment (and assessment could be GD, Written test, aptitude test) and interview and finally Make an offer these are 4steps so the zole of the resume is most important.

  1. It can helps you to get short listed
  2. Secondly at the interview it helps the person the way you write the resume you can direct the interviewer to go in the right direction where you wanted to go
    These are the two roles resume plays.

So, let me start with a simple example and a good story , I wrote my resume when I was in IIT I went for summer training I did a lazy job I didn’t did any summer training but unfortunately when the final placement came I wrote one paragraph about summer training and I went to the final interview duserliva board was consisting of a most outstanding chemical engineer that guy saw my summer training then he asked me what did you do I don’t want to tell him that I didn’t do anything so ‘I said I did these I did that’ etc. ., cut all the bullshit can you draw the reactor he asked me, I did not see the reactor because there was only two months of summer training . I took a paper and drew a box like that he said what this is, I said schematic diagram of a reactor. Interviewer said bullshit I don’t want this diagram draw the reactor diagram. I said I don’t know. Then he asked draw inlet vol outlet vol stirrer jacket, streamer everything I draw everything. Then he took it out and showed to everybody and asked them to recognise, nobody recognised .He(interviewer) said it looks like my tiffin box .so the interview ended ,I lost the job obviously because he taught I would know but said I don’t know .first of all I don’t have business to put that in resume blindly applied cut paste from somewhere
so, coming back to the key point that why you should write your resume because that you have to defined that resume when you go for an interview if you write something which you don’t understand which you are not sure about your bad luck they will catch you there only and then you lose.

So the first recommendation is you should write the resume because this resume is your ambassador which represents you when you go for a meeting .you are not there on the interview papers go to somebody shortlist what people do the short listing typically take a percentage cut off 80% or 60% cut off
Second way Is to look at the covering letter also goes as the item in the any other item you want to see in the online form there will be text box found so basically resume should give the feeling when I read the resume I should feel like shortlisting you already got 75% somebody got 80% when I opened the resume the resume should be look as if am writing to you one on one writing am explaining to you why am a great person to work with you.

People applying for the post that shows the covering letter.

Dear chaithanya sir am a very passionate guy whatever job I do I do lot of hard work I don’t care about the time lines I work extra time if required the competition of the job should be perfect I liked your company because I did research on internet regarding the company .this is kind of the employee I like about so you write something that make sure that am praising you and writing as if am fit for the job so when I read this I will shortlist.

Now come to the final interview the same relive what you write will be in front of the interviewer behind the copy and then he picks some keywords like passionate (what are passionate about?)If say cricket know the complete details about the cricket) if you are passionate about something know the full details about that that.
So every word in the resume matters a lot and they will pick on something the interviewer that’s why you always make sure

  1. Write only truth in the resume.
  2. Never lie in the resume.

Author: T. Muralidharan
Name of publication: Telangana Today
Date published on: 15/01/2018
published in: Hyderabad
Tags: Employability

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