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Market your self through your own resume

How to market yourself through your covering letter & resume?

When you look at the headline,it seems simple. But this simple question has more hidden questions that need to be answered first.

  • Whom are you marketing to?
  • Why are you marketing yourself?
  • How do you evaluate your marketing? How do you know that your marketing is working or not?
  • What are 3or4 things to improve your marketing?

This is the broadly that breakup of the topic itself.

1. Whom are you marketing to? clearly whenwe say market yourself, it is in the context of the employer. You are looking for a job; therefore, you want to market yourself.
2. Why are you marketing yourself? you are marketing because you want to get a job. You might be currently in a job and you want a better job or you don’t have a job and you want to get the first job. So, these are the two scenarios in which you are focusing on marketing part.
3. How do you evaluate your marketing? How do you know that your marketing is working or not? Measurement is in the context what we are writing – Either you get a job offer, or you are invited to an interview. These are various stepson which your marketing happens. In other words, first level of success is to bag an interview. Second level of success is getting a job offer. Third level of success is getting a job offer of your choice. You can get any job offer but thatis not the objective.
Now comes the next point, what are the various scenarios or techniques of marketing yourself – that depends on what stage of interview process you are in.
The first step of marketing is done through your resumeor an online form (the marketing of the resume is clearly mentioned in the book An Expert’s Guide to Your Right First Job authored by me). Here are few simple techniques to market your resume:

  1. Customization is the Mantra! – The simplest way to market you resume is to customise the resume in every job role because generally people standardise resumes and send the same one for every job role. What does Marketing a resume mean? When a recruiter sees your resume, he should feel like “Hey I want to interview this guy”. It (the resume) mustconvey that it has been written to specifically for them.
  2. Use the Internet – Second rule of marketing is to try and understand do some homework on the employer, company, on the job role and on the HR head or department who is going to interview.Visit LinkedIn and do some research – Know the target company target role and the person who is interviewing understand these before making a resume.
  3. Keep it Simple – The third rule of the resume iswrite as if you are talking to him. Don’t make a complicated structured resume. Write a covering letter in a convincing manner as to why you the recruiter give me you the job.

Components of an Impactful Covering Letter

  1. Greeting and thanking them for the opportunity to present candidature
  2. Self-Assessment of Candidate Fitment – Detailing the How
    1. Personality Fitment – what personality the job role requires and how your personality matches
    2. About the Company – in this point you must write that you have researched about the company and it is “fast-growing” “industry-leader” etc. You can give a brief narration about the company and establish that you have a keen desire to work with a company like that
    3. Candidate Expectation Fitment – education profile andexperience profile exactly matchwhat they are looking for.You must also inform that a resume which gives all the statistics and data has been attached.
  3. Closing – Here you have to close by saying that if given a chance in their organisation you will succeed in the job role and produce the result what they are looking for.

Remember to insert some power words or keywords whichconvey your seriousness- intellectual hardworker,ready to work at any time, high-energy individual,very focused etc. The recruiter is hiring an individual and an individual should have characteristics- those characteristics should be embedded in those cover letter. Covering letter also used while you apply through an online form – here you won’t find lot of space in the text area where you can paste all the cover page information in the text box. So, make sure you make a shorter version for the online applications.

Author: T. Muralidharan
Name of publication: Telangana Today
Date published on: 08/01/2018
published in: Hyderabad
Tags: Employability

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