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Tips for successful job hunting

Tips for successful job hunting on a Job Board

To use the job board to get a job, we first need to understand the features of a job board and how it works.

Basic features of a job board
There are certain basic features that every job board has. The success and popularity of job boards depend on the factors mentioned below. The top twelve features of any successful job board are given below.

Job posting: This feature allows the employer to post vacancies.

Post resume: This feature allows you to post your resume and fill up a detailed form.

Search job: This feature allows you to access the jobs database and select jobs and want to apply for. You can search jobs by company, job role, job location, job description, etc. Once you select the job, you can immediately apply to that employer.

Search resumes: Employers who pay are given a log-in password to search resumes in the resume database and connect with those people they shortlist.

Broadcast your resume to recruiters: By paying a fee, you can instruct the job board to send your resume to the top recruiting consultants.

Resume writing services: Experts with experience can rewrite your resume for a fee.

Job alert: You may not be able to visit the job board every day, so the feature notes down your job preferences and informs you, by email, if any new jobs are posted matching your preferences. This is a powerful feature and becomes your ‘eyes and ears’ on the job board.

Resume validation: Some job boards offer to validate your resume by verification the details presented in it, for a fee. A set of experienced people can talk to you and verify your credentials and record the same in your resume in the job board. This improves your chances of being shortlisted.

Visual resume: You can upload your video profile along with a text resume. This helps employers in shortlisting based on your visual appeal.

Articles on tips and careers: Many job boards publish articles by leading experts on tips on resume writing, interview preparation, etc.

Employer information: Many employers provide detailed information on job boards to brand themselves as the best employers. This tells you that this company will be hiring regularly.

Salary information: Job boards also provide salary information so that you can check what salaries you can expect, or check whether you are getting a fair salary after you get an offer.

How to search for a job on job boards
When you visit a job board, first select if you are looking for domestic jobs or international jobs. You will find various industries like IT/ITeS, finance, banking, marketing, etc. Based on your interest, you can select a particular industry.

Within the industry specific page, you will find tabs like:

  • Job role/designation
  • Location
  • Expected salary range
  • ï‚·Years of experience

Fill in the required details as per your preference and hit the search button. A list of relevant jobs will be displayed.

Job boards also have a list of companies that are hiring currently. You can shortlist companies that you wish to apply for and view the existing job opening available in that company. If you find a suitable role, you can follow the application process as mentioned in the site.
If you wish to specifically look for jobs available in a particular city/location, you can select that option and look for jobs that are available in that particular city. Many job boards also provide mobile applications, where you can download the mobile App onto your mobile and access the site, as and when required, through your phone itself.

Tips for successful job hunting on a job board
The biggest problem in a job board is that you are one among millions of freshers looking for a job. For example, when an employer logs in and searches resumes, the resumes are shown in batches of twenty-five on every page. So if your resume is the 900th resume, it will be on the 36th page. Employers may shortlist other resumes before reaching your resume. To avoid this, you should take the following steps.

Update your resume regularly: Many employers shortlist only those resumes which are updated recently.

Complete the resume: Take time and complete the registrations form in full.

Use features like video CV: Prepare and make a powerful video of yourself. Since there are not many video resumes, you may stand out.

Use job alert: To get information on jobs as soon as a vacancy is posted. Apply quickly because early response is a big plus.

Regularly visit the job board: Do this to find out the list of big recruiters. Apply to them, one by one. Many online forms have a text box to give three reasons why the employer should hire you, based upon the requirements mentioned in the job posting.

Lastly, only one in thousand freshers may get a job through a job board. So post in as many job boards as possible, keep trying and do not get disappointed easily. The only way to beat the odds is to persevere and keep trying.

Author: T. Muralidharan
Name of publication: Telangana Today
Date published on: 16/04/2018
published in: Hyderabad
Tags: Jobs and Careers

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