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Jobs in Automotive industry

Entry Level jobs in Automotive Industry

Vehicles have become a necessity in every household. Do you know that the total number of registered motor vehicles on Indian roads reached 210 million in March 2015.


Automotive Sector

Growth Scenario in Coming Years:
A report published by Deloitte states that ‘India is expected to become a major automobile manufacturing hub and the third largest market for automobiles by 2020.

Employment Scenario:
Two-wheeler production at 76 per cent dominates the Indian automotive industry, followed by passenger cars at 16 per cent.
Automotive manufacturing in India is currently concentrated in three major clusters, in the cities of Chennai and Pune, and in Gurgaon/Manesar in the National Capital Region. The state of Gujarat is the emerging new cluster.

Educational Qualifications for Jobs in this sector:
The bulk of the jobs are for people who have completed class 12, or have an Industrial Training Institute (ITI) or other diploma, in both the auto and the auto-components industries.

Interesting facts about jobs in the auto sector:

  1. The jobs are mainly in the private sector.
  2. The jobs in the auto sector are in automobile (OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturing) where the vehicles are assembled; the auto-components industry where the vehicles are bought and serviced.
  3. Automotive components manufactured in India include components for engines, the body, transmission, suspension, electrical parts, and other equipment.
  4. While automobile manufacturing (OEM) is dominated by the large Indian companies and MNCs, auto-component manufacturing is largely in the small and medium (SME) sector.
  5. In the OEM industry, the bulk of the jobs (two out of three jobs) are for ITI/diploma holders while 27 per cent of the jobs are for graduate and postgraduate engineers who take up design and managerial jobs; 75 per cent of the jobs in OEM are in manufacturing or research and development (R&D).
  6. In the auto-component industry, the bulk of the jobs (three out of four jobs) are for class 12 or below and ITIs. Diploma-holders (18 per cent) and graduate/postgraduate (7 per cent) have the rest of the jobs; 87 per cent of the jobs in the auto-component industry are for mechanical engineering and automobile engineering technicians.
  7. Salaries in the auto-component industry are for mechanical engineering and automobile engineering technicians.
  8. Salaries in the auto-component industry are low compared to OEM.
  9. Direct employment in the auto sector will reach 15 million by 2022.
  10. The Auto Dealership sub-sector is a very crucial segment in this industry. There are around 369,000 service centres in India.
  11. Around 300,000 are in the organized sector. The key job role in this sub-segment is that of mechanics and dent removers. 78 per cent of the jobs in the service centres are for mechanics and spare parts/service supervisors.
  12. 60 per cent of the jobs in dealership are for new vehicle sales.
  13. If you further drill down to entry-level jobs for graduates in dealership and service centres, the roles available are mainly salesman and service supervisors. Only these two roles are covered in this chapter.

Entry – level job roles

Auto 1 Showroom sales executive

Job description:
When you visit a showroom to buy a car or a motorcycle, a showroom sales executive greets you and enquires about your interests. Based on your interests, she/he shows you various models that are available, explains the features of different vehicles to you in detail, and helps you to pick the right one for your budget.

Typical Responsibilities:

  1. Responding promptly to customer queries.
  2. Providing factual, detailed information as to why the vehicles are better than those of competitors.
  3. Understanding customer interests and suggesting the best buy.
  4. Guiding customers to also buy vehicle insurance.
  5. Explaining about the additional accessories that the company will provide in case the customer buys the car.
  6. Arranging for test drives.
  7. Negotiating with customers and arriving at a price that is mutually acceptable.
  8. Filling up all the required paperwork and other formalities, in case the customer buys the vehicle.
  9. Updating stock registers and informing the manufacturer about orders.
  10. Providing sales reports to the management.
  11. In case of exchanges, getting the old car assessed and informing the customer about the value she/he may get.

Auto 2 Service Supervisor

Job Description:
Let us assume that your car is giving you trouble while driving. You decide to take it to the service station to get it fixed. When you reach the service station, the service Supervisor is assigned to examine your car and identify the real issue. He also informs you about the approximate time it would take to complete the repair, the estimated cost, and so on.
For customers who cannot afford or do not want the recommended repairs, he can offer alternatives and explain the consequences of those options. He then coordinates with mechanic and prepares a work order. He supervises the work done by mechanics on vehicles. He ensures that the vehicles that have come for servicing are given back to customers in a perfect condition.
He is the link between a customer and a mechanic, who effectively communicates with both parties to eliminate issues.

Typical Responsibilities:

  1. Supervises a group of skilled craftsmen and service employees.
  2. Troubleshoots problem in vehicles by performing relevant tests and interpreting the results.
  3. Assists in overseeing and supervising the insurance inspection of vehicles, and helps in preparing documentation for the insurance claims.
  4. Reads, understands, and uses manuals, CD-ROM based diagnostic applications, diagrams.
  5. Prepares preliminary estimates on work orders and repairs.
  6. Schedules the maintenance and signs tasks to the Servicing team.
  7. Requisitions supplies, parts, and materials necessary for the maintenance, repair, and servicing of vehicles.
  8. Maintains open communication with supervisors and subordinates.
  9. Performs related duties and responsibilities as assigned

Author: T. Muralidharan
Name of publication: Telangana Today
Date published on: 30/04/2018
published in: Hyderabad
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