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Part-II Entry level jobs in banking sector

Bank 1 CASA Executive

Job description:
A Casa Executive works towards promoting and acquiring Current Accounts (CA) and Savings Accounts (SA) of a bank. S/he needs to meet targets on a monthly basis by meeting prospective clients and convincing them to open a CA or a SA.

Types and Responsibilities:
As a CASA Executive, you will be attached to a specific branch and will work in a team of CASA Executives and report to a Manager. Your typical activities will include the following.

  1. Mapping the territory around the branch.
  2. Interacting with the walk-in customers to the branch to generate leads.
  3. Conducting special drives for lead generation in offices, housing colonies, and so on.
  4. Meeting prospects and promoting CASA (Current Account, Sales Account).
  5. Complete the customer documentation for becoming an account-holder.
  6. Cross-selling of other financial products.


Bank 2 Recovery Officer

Job Description:
A Recovery Officer (also known as a Collection Officer) is responsible for performing recovery activities according to bank policies and legal guidelines. For example, when a housing loan borrower losses his/her job, then repayment of loan installments become very difficult. The Recovery Officer’s job is to assess the reason behind the delayed payment, and negotiate with the borrower for part payment and/or reschedule the installments. In some cases, the borrower intentionally defaults and the Recovery Officer may have to recommend the use of legal methods for full recovery of the loan. Some banks appoint recovery agencies and the recovery officer has to work with these agencies.

Typical Responsibilities:
Your role is very important as you will be helping recover money from defaulter. As a Recovery Officer, you will typically undertake the following activities.

  1. Contacting defaulters.
  2. Assessing the reasons for default and intention to pay.
  3. Conducting checks and securing payments.
  4. Recommending re-scheduling of loans.
  5. Working with debt collection agencies.
  6. Reviewing reports and participating in special collection drives.


Bank 3 Probationary Officer:

Job Description:
A probationary Officer (PO) is the starting level for anyone who wishes to reach the top levels of any large bank. Many PSU bank Chairmen joined as Pos and grew up the ladder. A PO performs all banking and administrative duties. You will be trained in giving credit to companies, handling retail loans, seeking deposits, issuing demand drafts (DDs), LCs, and so on. Monitoring and solving customer issues is the main responsibility of a bank PO.

Typical Responsibilities:

  1. Managing cash transactions under the supervision of seniors.
  2. Supervising clerical staff present in the bank and ensuring that they are performing their duties.
  3. Taking decisions regarding customer credit issues.
  4. Processing loans under the supervision of senior officers.
  5. Monitoring accounts of corporate borrowers.
  6. Assisting customers to fill up the right documentation.
  7. Issuing cheque books to customers.
  8. Handling demand drafts, ATM cards, LCs to be issued to customers.


Bank 4 Branch Customer Relationship Executive:

Job Description:
When you go to your branch, you are greeted by a person who finds out the purpose of your visit and assigns you to a Customer Relationship Executive (CRE). She/he takes you to her/his cubicle, makes an arrangement for your seating, speaks to the concerned department regarding your issue, and tries to get it resolved. If there are any further formalities that you need to fulfil, the Branch CRE guides you. Therefore, the main responsibility of a Branch CRE is to ensure that she/he builds strong relations with customers and helps them out in every possible way when they are facing any issues.

The second task of the Branch CRE is to cross-sell the bank’s products. Cross-selling is when a CRE tries to sell a product of the bank when a person walks in for some other reason. For instance, after solving your problem, the CRE may ask you whether you are planning to buy a house and may give you details of housing loan schemes of the bank.

Typical Responsibilities:

  1. Reaching the branch early before it opens for customers.
  2. Understanding customer complaints and solving them.
  3. Guiding customers to appropriate officers.
  4. Building relationships with customers and understanding their banking needs.
  5. Identifying cross-selling opportunities while interacting with customers
  6. Delivering quality service to achieve customer satisfaction.
  7. Keeping abreast of the latest bank’s products/services and regulations.
  8. Complying with bank policies and procedures.
  9. Ensuring security of customer information.


Bank 5 Branch Operations Clerk:

Job Description:
Branch Operations Clerks perform varied functions like opening and closing accounts, keeping a track of interests, receipts, data entry, handling files, and also recording day-to-day transactions that take place in the bank.

Typical Responsibilities:
This position is probably the most important in the bank as Clerks are responsible for handling activities and organizing things. Your typical activities will include.

  1. Ensuring that activities in your area are running smoothly.
  2. Opening new accounts for individuals as well as companies.
  3. Clarifying doubts of customers regarding, finances, loans, interest.
  4. Help in currency exchange.
  5. Taking care of records of clients for future references
  6. Focus on meeting departmental goals and objectives.
  7. Processing closure of accounts.
  8. Dealing with external collection agencies to handle unsatisfactory accounts and individuals.
  9. Responding to staff queries and the top management regarding activities of the department.

Author: T. Muralidharan
Name of publication: Telangana Today
Date published on: 21/05/2018
published in: Hyderabad
Tags: Jobs and Careers

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