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Assessments are critical for an organization to analyze its capacity and plan for building the same for the present and the future. TMIs assessment services provide comprehensive tools and processes to meet all the assessment needs of your workforce.

Assessment Services - TMI Group

Workforce Assessment Tools

Partner with us to assess for any of the below assessment needs:

  • Skills
  • Sales
  • Role
  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding

Design, develop and deploy

Every organization and departments within the organization have their unique assessment needs. TMI designs the assessments based on the set parameters, develops the necessary tools, and also deploys them to administer the same among the target audience.

Comprehensive analytics with rich data-based insights are provided at the end of the assessment process to enable organizations to strategize on their people’s performance.


Regulatory and compliance requirements, changing technology, and other aspects require frequent assessment of the teams. We provide complete certification-based assessment services to meet all your needs.

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