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Staffing Services

Staffing services from TMI help you find well-qualified candidates, business time, money and help you scale your operations in quick time.

Staffing Services - TMI Group

Staffing services process

Based on the requirements and objectives of the employer, TMI manages every aspect of the process. Job profile preparation, sourcing and identification of candidates, interviewing and recruiting, and finally onboarding of the candidate.

Complete end-to-end management

With TMI as a partner, you can be assured of the entire process being managed end-to-end smoothly. Documentation, compliance, onboarding, and other formalities are taken care of with due diligence.

Trusted and reliable staffing services

TMI takes extra pride in providing transparent staffing services. Salaries, taxes, and other legal obligations are managed without any compromise. The employer is updated on the status of the staff with complete openness. All aspects like the number of active staff, resignations, new hires, replacements, etc are shared with the employer with full confidentiality.

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