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Recruitment is a key activity of every growing organization. Planning, identifying, sourcing, and onboarding the right talent is challenging. Every organization needs the right partner in its endeavor to build a strong and vibrant team. TMI is the right choice for many organizations in India since 1991.

For over 33 years, TMI has sourced and placed thousands of candidates in different sectors – Information Technology, Manufacturing, Banking & Financial Services, Healthcare, etc. From entry-level to senior leadership and executive search, we have partnered with our clients to meet their talent management needs.

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Experienced Team

TMI has an experienced team of recruiters who specialize in providing recruitment services in various sectors. Each vertical is headed by a senior practice head who is familiar with the unique nature of the jobs, recruitment process, and sourcing avenues.

Multiple Locations

Our teams are located across the country along with strategic partners and specialist recruiters based in different cities in India. Such a wide network helps TMI source talent at scale keeping in mind the hyper-local sensitivities and requirements.

Large scale, or Contingency Hiring – whatever your recruitment needs

TMI is your partner when you have contingency hiring needs or when you need to build an entire team spread across multiple locations.

From sourcing to on boarding

TMI understands the challenges organizations face in talent management. For many of our clients, we partner with them from planning to on boarding of talent often managing the entire process end-to-end.


Executive Search

TMI Executive Search is a specialist division of TMI which focuses on meeting the recruitment for Senior Management and Leadership roles. Managed by an experienced team in touch with the specific skills and talents across different industries and sectors.


IT Recruitment Practice

India is witnessing relentless growth in demand for IT talent. To cater to the ever-growing demand, we have created a separate team to manage the talent needs of the Information Technology sector. We are fully geared to meet all our IT Talent needs both on-roll and temporary staffing. Visit for more details about talent search services for IT Sector.


International Recruitment

India’s IT talent is much in demand across the world. Beyond the US, many European and far-east countries are welcoming Indian talent. TMI has since expanded its recruitment services to organizations in Germany, Japan, and the UK. We have partnered with local talent management firms that are focused on sourcing talent from India.

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