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Bringing together the job givers and job seekers on the platform is the objective of the TMI Foundation. The idea is to build a connection so that both can benefit at almost no cost.



Many unemployed youths in India are semi-skilled but are not on the radar of the job portals. This is because they are unaware of such portals and the process to register on them. On the other hand, SMEs and MSMEs provide maximum employment in India and are continuously looking for semi-skilled or entry-level employees to meet their needs. TMI Foundation steps in to fill the gap.


JobsConnect eVan initiative

To bridge the gap TMI foundation has built an innovative solution. TMI has partnered with The Hyderabad Police to help youths find jobs with SMEs & MSMEs through an eVan.


The Process

The idea is to take the jobs to where the job seekers are. Towards this end, every month, the Hyderabad Police identifies a zone. A van fully equipped with systems and advisors visits these areas. The youth in these areas visit the van to find out about the job opportunities available. Interviews scheduling is done with the SME/MSMEs based on the candidates’ profiles. In the case of non-selection, the candidate is added back to the pool and is contacted when future opportunities arise.


Jobs Mela

On the last Saturday of the month, a job mela is held in that zone. Candidates and employers come together to meet and discover opportunities. Job offers are made on the spot in many cases and likewise, many interviews are scheduled.


Long-term benefits

eVan meets both the employer and job seekers’ needs, it helps society in a much bigger way. Lack of employment leads youth astray leading to crime and increased policing. An employed member is an asset to the family, organizations, and society.

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