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Are you looking for a solution to low productivity and high attrition problem
in your frontline workforce?


  • It is well known that the Frontline Workforce constitutes more than 50% of the entire workforce and is deployed in sales, customer service, and operational roles. High attrition in the first year is a problem HR leaders across organisations face.
  • The Performance Management System for Frontline Workforce which most employers use to measure, reward and counsel the workforce on performance, has failed miserably.
  • The relationship that organisations have with their workforce has changed dramatically. There is a noticeable shift towards Gig workers, Part Time / Contract workers, and job automation – trends that shall drive the workforce of the future.
  • The trends we see today will become the reality of the future hence organisations of the future must adapt to this changing context.
  • The Performance Management System (PMS 2.0) is a system that collects performance data, periodically, analyses it, and presents the performance data in an easy to comprehend the visual way to make it acceptable to the Frontline Workforce individual.


It is known that there is 60%-90% attrition in Frontline Workforce in the first 2 years

  • It is well known that the Frontline Workforce constitutes more than 50% of the entire workforce and is deployed in sales, customer service, and operational roles and works as a full-time/part-time or outsourced/off-roll or onsite/remote site workforce.
  • Studies show that 60% to as high as 90% of the Frontline Workforce leave the organisation within the first 2 years. Not only do the training hours go down the drain but the HR personnel have to restaff the Frontline Workforce – again – a Deja Vu – yet again!

Is it possible that 40% of your Frontline Workforce contributes to 87% of the output?

  • Let us rephrase this statement “40% people delivering 87% of sales” as “60% of the people delivered only 13% of the sales”. These 60% people were hired and trained along with the 40% and are in the same market, at the same time – and are paid the same salaries.
  • It should then come as no surprise when the best of growth strategies & plans, large budgets, and the best of managers are unable to achieve growth targets.
  • This may be familiar to many HR leaders. The question is – why does the Frontline Workforce behave this way and what can be done to rectify this?

Is it possible that the performance variation within the Frontline Workforce team members is 10x to 25x?

  • Our studies show that using the current Performance Management Systems there could be a very high performance variation within the Frontline Workforce team members.
  • Our experts studied multiple industries and found a similar phenomenon that revealed variation in performance multiples are in excess of 10X up to 25X.
  • It is obvious that top performers are grossly underpaid and bottom performers are heavily overpaid.

Programme Impact

  • See what measuring performance in the future will look like, today.
  • This 2-day workshop has been created to help HR leaders reimagine Frontline Performance Management. Towards becoming the “Performance Architect” in your organisation this workshop shall provide inputs to participants on recreating their own PMS model.
  • Guided by leading faculty and corporate thought leaders participants will co-create PMS 2.0 that shall be powered by Analytics and Role Modelling – and then taken for implementation.

Key Takeaways

  • Identify drivers for the evolution of the existing PMS.
  • Describe the new people performance analytics and role Modelling framework.
  • Explain principles behind PMS 2.0
  • Describe the analytics and Modelling required to implement PMS 2.0
  • Develop a roadmap for implementing PMS 2.0 in your organisation

Who Should Attend

Architecting Frontline Workforce Performance Through Analytics And Role Modelling is designed for Top and Mid-level HR leaders , with 10 to 15 years of experience who want to make their organisations future ready.

The TISS – TMI Advantage

TISS, or the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, is a well renowned institution in India with extensive experience and expertise in HR, particularly in the areas of organisational development, human resource management, and labor studies . The Labour Market Research Facility (LMRF) at TISS has a team of experienced faculty and researcher s who specialize in data analytics and labour market research, making it one of the top institutions for studying and analyzing labour markets in India. The TMI Group is a national leader in talent management and H R consulting with over 30 years of experience in providing strategic HR solutions to some of the world’s most prominent organisations.






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